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Regency, San Francisco, California

Instant Films

Polaroid's Type 100 Cameras utilize discontinued "peel-apart" materials, which consist of photosensitive paper and a thin paper-backed package of developing chemistry. After making an exposure, the photographer pulls a tab to align the chemistry and the printing paper; a larger tab appears, which is used to pull the two papers through metal rollers, distributing the chemistry across the print. About a minute later, the print is peeled apart from its chemical/paper negative to dry. Each print is a unique one-off, since the delicate chemical/paper negative cannot be reused.

The digital albums below present scans of unique sepia or black and white Polaroid peel-apart prints taken with a Polaroid 100 Land Camera. Each print measures 3.25 by 4.25 inches, including a thin white border around the image.

Regency (Sepia) | 667 Library (Black and White) | Ingleside (Sepia) | China Basin to Mission Bay (Sepia)

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