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About Elizabeth Graves

I am a modern landscape photographer engaged in a deep exploration of photography and photographic printing. My favorite subjects are urban landscapes, which reflect how we perceive ourselves, and 'the wilderness,' which (through its protection) reflects our cultural values and identity. My beloved hometown of San Francisco, with its long history of re-invention and remodeling, offers unique combinations of cultures, gardens, and architecture, is a favorite subject.

To capture images, I utilize modern digital imaging, modern film cameras, antique film cameras, 'instant film' cameras from various eras, and a simple, homemade large format camera.

I utilize a range of printing technologies, including (but not limited to!) the earliest permanent photographic emulsion chemistry applied to paper by hand, volatile wet collodion poured onto metal plates, manufactured integral film "instant" positives, and digital inkjet dye prints.

A vast menu of image-making technologies is now available to us, more than at any other time in history, and nearly all of these tools have something interesting to offer us.

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